DALLAS CO., Ark. – Winter weather is leaving people across the state without power Thursday night, specifically those in the southern parts of Arkansas.

In Dallas County, there were more than 4,000 power outages Thursday, according to Entergy and Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas. As of Thursday night, around 8 p.m., there are more than 3,800 outages in the county.

Representatives from both companies said this is because of the built-up ice that is bringing down power lines, trees, and tree limbs.

For the small town of Sparkman, every resident we spoke to had been without power for more than 12 hours, starting as early as Wednesday night for some.

“We desperately want it,” Sparkman resident Ray Anne Thomason said.

Donny White also lives in Sparkman and owns Ray White Lumber Company.

“We didn’t get to run the mill today due to the power outage,” he said. “It went off about 6:00 this morning.”

White said this is the first day this week they were not able to work, though the freezing temperatures and icy conditions thankfully did not damage his timber too bad.

“A lot of the people around town have been calling and asking if I’ve heard anything because a lot of our people in town don’t have generators,” he said. “They’re cold.”

Roads all over Sparkman are covered with trees or have trees dangling low above. Thomason and her two sons spent part of the day Thursday driving around town in her car to stay warm.

“It was pretty scary,” Thomason said. “The trees were just hanging over the roads. It was pretty scary because at any time they could have fallen.”

Despite the mess in Sparkman, White said he is focused on what could have happened.

“If we would have had another two or three degrees lower, we could have really had devastation,” he said.

White and Thomason said they noticed many trucks and linemen all over town working on the powerlines, and they are thankful for their help.

A spokesperson for Entergy encourages all customers to register for text alerts online to learn more about estimated restoration times.

More than 125 linemen from other companies have come to struggling counties across the state to help restore power, according to the spokesperson for Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas.

Linemen will be back up and working once daylight comes on Friday to continue restoring what is lost.