MAUMELLE, Ark. – Friday night lights are back, and the heat is still relentless, so school districts pushed back the start time for the games to 8 p.m.

The Pulaski County Special School District has been in contact with AAA and have had precautions in place for all football games.

There will be mandatory breaks throughout the games for water and additional stations to get cool for the fans, cheerleaders, band, etc.

Fans and parents of player said they are thankful that the district did this, and they think it helped keep attendance high.

“I’m excited and happy and blessed that they pushed it back because my son is actually playing tonight, so the heat….no,” fan Liz Lowe said.

“I’m extremely happy about it and it did make a difference because it is a little bit cooler than if they had started earlier,” April Billing stated.

“You know us old people, you don’t want to burn up and fall out either, so we are happy that they pushed it back,” fan Mary Martin said.

Right before kickoff, the school district checked the wet bulb reading to see if it was above 87.

Fortunately for the player and the fans, it was and the game kicked off right at 8.