Hurricane Ian continues to strengthen as it tracks north in the Gulf of Mexico toward Florida.

Ian is a powerful category three hurricane and is likely to make landfall on Wednesday which is horrible news for an Arkansas family in Florida visiting Disney World in Orlando.   

Casey Moore says he arrived at Disney with his family of 9 on Friday afternoon because they didn’t think the hurricane would get to Florida this week. But that all changed Tuesday when he got the notification that the family’s Thursday flight was canceled. 

Moore says right away they got extra nights to stay at Disney and tried to reschedule their flights.

“I’m just more concerned with being able to get home. I feel better now knowing we have a place to sleep, that was my number one concern.” Moore adds, “if we can’t stay here, we don’t have a place and I know all the hotels will be booked. There are no rental cars to get out of, there are no flights, and the number one thing was to keep my kids safe and keep my family safe.”

Moore says they were able to rebook their flights to come home for Saturday afternoon.  For the next couple of days, they will be in their rooms since the parks are closed on Wednesday and Thursday for Ian. 

Moore says right now he and his family are just putting their fate in their faith.