RISON, Ark. – Progress is being made to restore power to those who have been in the dark following last week’s ice storm.

Some customers and businesses have been without electricity for the past nine days, especially in Cleveland County.

Linemen have been working around the clock to try and get power restored.             

As of Thursday afternoon, C & L Electric Cooperatives said there are still over 1200 people without power in Cleveland County.

The Mayor of Rison, Charles Roberts, said the ice storm has just wreaked havoc on their community.

According to C & L Electric Cooperatives, there are an additional 200 linemen working 16-hour days to restore electricity to those who have gone now nine days without it.

They said power restoration has been hard due to everyone in the area living so spread out.

The mayor said the ice storm caused the city $54,000 in damages.

“The people are just desperate, they have lost their food in their deep freezes and it’s become a hardship on the whole county,” Roberts said.

“We didn’t think it was going to be this bad, and it’s comparable to the 2000 ice storm,” Roberts said. “Cleveland County, Rison, our people are resilient, they are tough, we will get over this and there is lots of firewood if anybody needs any.

C & L Electric Cooperatives still do not have a timeline of when the power will be completely restored, but they ask that people stay patient as they continue to work on main lines.