A line of thunderstorms will first move into NW Arkansas around 7-8 AM, Wednesday. They will probably enter West Arkansas around Mena around 9 AM. This line of storms will produce a quick round of heavy rain with some places in West AR and NWA getting around one inch of rain. The line will also be capable of producing wind gusts of 60 mph and/or higher. These winds will be capable of tree and powerline damage along with damage to outbuildings and outdoor furniture.

As mentioned above, the biggest severe weather threat will be a damaging wind threat. That being said, an isolated weak tornado or one report of one-inch-diameter hail isn’t impossible. Severe weather is going to be most likely in West AR and NWA, but it will be possible generally in the whole northern half of the state today along with a brief chance in SE Arkansas this afternoon.

The storms will move into Central Arkansas around 10 AM and be in the LR Metro by Noon. They will be in the East AR by 2 PM and likely be weaker then. But isolated severe storms will still be possible.

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