January 1 – April 21, 2023 is the 2nd Wettest first 111 days of the year in Little Rock. Only 1882, 141 years ago, was it wetter than this year.

As of Friday, April 21, Little Rock is 14.42″ above average. That is over a foot of rain above average. In early March when the YTD rainfall average was around 10″, Little Rock was over a foot above average then too. At that time, the YTD rainfall was more than double the average.
So, it goes without saying that Little Rock had a very wet Winter and is having a very wet Spring.

Hopefully, we don’t drop down to average anytime soon. At this point, that would require going through a drought to do so. The rain chances we have over the weekend and into next week too should prohibit that …for now.

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