NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Several mothers who have sadly lost their children due to different circumstances are now looking to help other families who are going through a similar pain. 

Keysha Moore whose son 17-year-old Alex Berry was shot and killed in 2022 and Laura Landrum whose five children all died from different circumstances discussed how they’re turning their grief toward helping to heal others. 

They both said they came together to launch a grief support group at First Baptist Church in North Little Rock.

By January, they’re planning to not only open up support groups to those who go to their church but also to the community. 

“The support group is very needed,” Moore stated.

Landrum said the support group will be centered towards any grieving family no matter how their loved one died. 

“My hope is that parents will find a sense of comfort and a place in their heart where they realize it’s not just them,” Landrum said.

Moore discussed how seeing the pain of other parents’ eyes around her made her think how everyone needs to lean on each other. 

“Even now we have a lot of grief within our church, we have a lot outside of our church within our community as well,” Moore said.

The pastor of the church William L. Robinson said the group is needed so that people know there’s life after loss. 

“Like many other churches after the funerals, after we leave the cemetery, the ball is dropped. We pray for a few days, but this is so needed it has to be consistent,” Robinson said.

Landrum said it’s important that people know there’s nothing wrong with going to the support group and there’s no limit because grief has no expiration date. 

“There’s nothing we can do to remove that pain, but maybe we can provide a sense of comfort,” Landrum stated.