Pastors unite after 9 people shot in 4 days in Pine Bluff

Victory Over Violence

PINE BLUFF, Ark.– Pastors talked solutions and prepare to take action in Pine Bluff after 9 people were shot in a matter of  4 days last week. 

A former gangster turned pastor from Louisiana steps in to help them. We first introduced you to Rev. Charles Banks as he stepped in to do the same thing and help is hometown of Stuttgart a few months ago.

Pine Bluff PD confirmed the following information about the recent shootings: – 

May 5, 2019 — 4 people were shot

-May 6, 2019 — 2 people were shot (one of those died)

-May 7, 2019 — 1 person was shot

-May 8, 2019 —  2 people were shot

Rev. Banks said one of those victims is his 21-year-old nephew. who now can’t move from his neck down. 

Rev. Banks said, “Everything is talkable. It’s about talking out the situation.”

He was a gangster who turned into a pastor. He lives in Louisiana but stood in the streets of Pine Bluff on Tuesday. 

“There has to be a solution here of dropping the guns,” he said.  

He preached peace in the community where his kids live and where his nephew was 1 of 9 people shot in 4 days last week. 

He said his nephew at this time can not move from his neck down. He remains in the hospital.

He talked with us outside after he stepped inside Tommy Breamsey’s church down the road.  

“The pastors are in authority here in Pine Bluff. It’s not just the police.  We got [sic] guardian authority. Authority comes from Him,” Pastor Tommy Breamsey Sr. said. 

They sat to start the search for solutions to stop the shootings inside the First Baptist Dew Drop Church. 

Pastor Breamsey said, ” So we (are) sticking a flag in the sand. This is where we’re coming to. We’re going to claim our town back.”

City Councilman Steven Mays joined the conversation.  

Councilman Mays said, “You just can’t ride through a neighborhood on broad daylight and no sees you? No one knows who’s shooting? Come on now.” 

He asked the community to  help too. 

“Don’t just pull the shade back and pull the shade down and block it all up,” Mays said. 

As this team works to form a chain of churches to change crime in their city Banks calls on everyone to help them do that. 

“I encourage every gang member… I encourage every OG… I encourage every leader let’s make a (positive) difference in the city here in Pine Bluff,” she said. 

The pastors told us now they’ll start the process of gathering more churches to organize a community event. 

Police said 1 out of the 9 shooting victims died. 

Banks said his nephew he remains in the hospital. 

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