LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Four local mentoring organizations will begin training new volunteers who took the pledge to be a mentor during KARK and FOX16’s Mentor Match Day in September. 

In partnership with Victory Over Violence, Robert Holt, with Let Our Violence End (LOVE), handed over the information for 162 mentors to the mentoring organizations. 

The organizations were the O.K. Program, the G.E.M.S. Program, Little Rock School District’s Volunteers in Public Schools Program and the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arkansas.

“This is very exciting to have this many people that have said, ‘I want to step up, I want to help, I want to make a difference,’” Boys & Girls Club CEO Cindy Doramus said. 

“When we have willing volunteers to come into our schools to help nurture and teach that [relationships], our kids are at an advantage of being able to coexist with one another and to actually bring a classroom to a place where learning is conducive,” Tammy Blaylock, Volunteers in Public Schools Coordinator, said. 

“I believe the highest calling for any man is to impact the life of a child, so I’m looking forward to these guys making impacts,” Sgt. Willie Davis, OK Program Coordinator, said. 

If you called during the September 25th Mentor Match Telethon and you did not receive a call, please call Karen Spears at 501-650-4753 if you would still like to volunteer. Some of the people who called were unable to be reached because the number was written down wrong or no one answered.