LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Boys and Girls Club is a place for kids to come year around to hang out with friends in a positive, safe, and inclusive environment.

Wednesday, you can donate for our telethon promoting Victory of Violence at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arkansas.

“We give them a place to go to get off the streets, not be involved in something they shouldn’t be involved in and just provide a positive place,” said the Unit Director at Penick Boys and Girls club, Kyle Brown.

Brown said they are asking the community for more funding to open doors to even more opportunities for the kids.

“What we are trying to partner with other organizations and other companies and trying to increase our technology,” said Brown.

Brown stated that they want to have a whole room full of computers for the kids to use, as well as online gaming and various online education programs.

At the Penick location, they have activities for the kids to do all day long. They have an art room, two gyms for sports, classrooms for learning, a teen room, and more.

Kids here said that they love coming to the Boys and Girls club, and it is even a place they call home.

A kid that has been going to the Boys and Girls Club for two years, Cataleya Brown, said, “it’s like the best thing of my life coming here.”

Another kid that has been coming to the Boys and Girls Club for around 4 years, Jarron Dunn, said  “It’s more fun to be here than to be at home.”

Staff member, Jairus McKinley, said he has been coming to the Boys and Girls Club ever since he was eleven.

He just graduated high school and is now on staff this summer. He said the main reason he wanted to be on staff was to give back to the next generation.

“You look at it and it’s like wow, as we were kids, and now looking at them you know it’s kind of exciting to see,” said Jarius McKinley.

The opportunities that kids have by coming to the Boys and Girls Club are endless.

“Sports is just the tip of the ice burg. We have all kinds of learning opportunities. We do project learn, we do homework after school, we have a zooney learning program,” said Unit Director, Kyle Brown.

When we asked a kid at the club today, Jarron Dunn, what he would do if he didn’t come to the Boys and Girls Club, he said, “I would tell my mom to sign me up”.

You can help the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arkansas support children in the Natural State by joining in the KARK 4 News & FOX 16 News Victory Over Violence Telethon.