Difference Makers: The Van Helps Homeless in LR Area

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Each night some people go to sleep in Central Arkansas without a safe place to lay their head. Homelessness is a reality in our community. 

The Van, a local nonprofit, seeks out those without shelter. And for doing that, The Van has been chosen to receive this month’s Difference Makers award.

“We’ve been doing this a little over seven years,” explains Aaron Reddin, Founder and Executive Director of The Van.

The organization has a warehouse filled with supplies that will go to those who need it most.

“We see several hundred people in a week, easily,” Reddin adds.

The Van is there to help some of the most vulnerable in our community, the unsheltered. 

“Trying to reach people that are experiencing homelessness all throughout the metro,” he continues.

Every night, members of The Van hit the road and take supplies to homeless camps in Central Arkansas. 

“We distribute a lot of clothing and things like that,” says Reddin. 

This time of year they hand out a lot of water. It’s something they are desperately in need of. 

“That’s our focus right now – survive this heat and keep everyone safe,” he says. 

Along with giving out supplies, The Van does so much more.

“Building relationships, earning people’s trust, and meeting the immediate needs the best we can,” says Reddin. 

For what The Van does each and every day, it’s in the spotlight, for making a difference. 

“On behalf of Rainwater, Holt, and Sexton, we want to congratulate The Van, one of our favorite charities in Arkansas on the Difference Maker award. We are grateful you’re in our community and we want to give you the Difference Maker award, which is a $1,000 check.” 

The Van is changing the lives of a group that’s typically overlooked and fighting to make sure homelessness is brief and rare for Arkansans.

To learn more about The Van and how you can help, click here, and also visit the Victory over Violence section (click here) of this website.

The Difference Makers Award is brought to you by Rainwater, Holt & Sexton.

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