The U.S. has had 246 massive natural disasters since 1980.

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Taxpayers pay more than $1.6 trillion to help with natural disasters, and the annual cost keeps growing. Three of the six years on spending on disaster relief have been the highest on record. This includes the most recent $19.1 billion disaster relief package to help with hurricane, wildlife, and flood victims.

Indiana Senator Mike Braun is one of the 8 republicans who voted against this years relief package. He says that congress should abandon the pay as you go system and instead start planning and budgeting for disasters each year.

“We don’t offset it, we don’t plan for it, it’s what makes this place run so dysfunctional” says Braun.

The bill does remain in the senate. Senator Braun does hope to get it through for this year’s budget.

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