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Watch Bob Clausen’s ‘Take a moment’ above.

“There are times each week I scratch my head, what is there to talk to about.

Over the course of the last few months there has been some pretty good low hanging fruit to pick.

Then sometimes it’s as plain as the nose on my face, but I cant see it, until it’s pointed out.

This week it was a football game. Not that one, the other big game, that is four and half years out.

 It’s been a little refreshing. What else can dominate a news cycle in the middle of a legislative session, a global pandemic, covid numbers, and a pending second impeachment hearing? 

 A Razorback-Red Wolves football game, that’s 4 years away!

While some have sloughed it off because it’s so far out. that’s actually the genius that makes it perfectly timed. 

It’s not something we are looking for end to..or something we hope will come and go so we get it’ll behind us.

Player, coach, fan or not..it’s something infront of the state, to work toward that will generate excitment…for the generations that wanted it..the current generation that pushed for it..and the one that will be in…and at the game.

The players who take the field in 2025 are 13-14 or 15 years old right now.

In the climate that is college sports, we can’t be sure who will be coaching, but I bet, ruling out a national championship, this will be the most watch football game in the state, with plenty of national attention–we better be ready.

TV rights are probably being negotiated, the trophy is being sketched out, names are being tossed about, what will War Memorial park look like in four years? Will it be ready to host the instate crown jewel of Arkansas football.

Will this become a goal for current junior high and high schoolers..to play in the big game?

For people who think it’s just a football game, you never know, you may, in 3 or 4 years find yourself involved on some level, my daughter might be a freshman at one of the schools, upping my investment in the game.

On that note it creates opportunity..if nothing else, an opportuity for a majority of us to get together at the game, at home, by a radio and be part of a contest where the best will meet..match skill and ability..one will walk off the field victorious, one will vow to come back.

Legendary Chicago Bears football coach and owner George Halas said  “many people flounder about in life because they do not have a purpose, an objective toward which to work.”

Here’s a four year long path to an objective that can involve all of us..with a common goal..a good game and a good time.

Take a moment.”        

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