LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A Little Rock couple is devastated after several hundred dollars worth of Halloween decorations were stolen from their yard.

You may recognize this house, as a lot of people have made it a Halloween tradition to walk by and see the life-size decorations.

The house of the corner of Palm and Lee is hard to miss with all the huge decorations in the yard. Even with three inflatables stolen, two still stand in the front yard.

The crazy decorations on the outside of their home, show how much April and Jarod Panian love Halloween.

“Our wedding anniversary is actually October 30th, so we are the crazy Halloween people,” said April Panian, Homeowner.

As their love grew, so did their amount of life-size spooky decorations.

“We are probably more into Halloween than most,” said Jarod Panian, Homeowner.

Each year the Panians add one spooky character to the collection.

So when they woke up to find three of their beloved decorations had vanished, they were crushed.

“Since this has happened, you kind of don’t feel like you can put out anything now, you know, we were actually considering bringing those in,” said April.

April says someone stole three, a 10-foot two-headed dragon, a dachshund and their favorite, a big dog in a dog house.

“When we bought that (dog in dog house inflatable) we didn’t the money to buy one every year so we’ve had that one for 10 years and absolutely loved the thing,” said Jarod.

Jarod says not only was it the first but it reminded them of their old dog Obsidian.

“It was kind of heartbreaking for a little bit,” said Jarod.

April says, the dog in the dog house inflatable isnt made anymore so they arent able to buy a replacement.

t made anymore so they aren’t able to buy a replacement.

Even though three displays have disappeared, the Panian’s still plan on continuing their tradition.

“There was a moment where I just said what’s the point, do we want to take these in so they don’t get stolen? Well if we keep them inside what’s the point in having them so yes we do plan on still doing it,” said Jarod.

They’re not going to let anyone squash their Halloween spirit.

The Panian’s are looking into security cameras, motion sensors alarms and even adding a fence to make sure the remaining decorations don’t go missing.

They are asking everyone to keep an eye out for the decorations and if you see them call Little Rock Police.