(Taylor King Law) – Each year the number of roundabouts in Arkansas grows.

And while a roundabout may seem intimidating, it’s estimated they decrease the likelihood of a serious accident by as much as 82%.

To help you safely navigate roundabouts in Arkansas remember these tips:

  • Slow down! Roundabouts are designed for speeds below 25 mph.
  • Vehicles IN the roundabout have the right of way. If you’re outside the roundabout, yield to vehicles inside. And if you’re in the roundabout, don’t stop for outside vehicles.
  • If it’s a multi-lane roundabout, choose your lane in advance to avoid having to change lanes in the roundabout.
  • If you plan to turn right at the first exit, use the outside lane. If you plan to take the furthest exit, use the inside lane. And if you plan to go straight, you can typically use either lane.

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