(Taylor King Law) – As a parent, sending your kids back to school can be exciting. But it can also cause concern for their safety.

More than 6,000 school buses carrying more than a quarter million students will be on the road today in Arkansas. One way we all help ensure students’ safety is knowing the rules of the road.

In 2005, legislation was passed in memory of Isaac Brian, an elementary school student in Arkansas who was killed when a driver illegally passed a school bus.

The most important thing to remember when you see a school bus on the road is Flashing Red Means Kids Ahead.

Arkansas law says a vehicle must come to a complete stop when a school bus’s lights flash red.

Regardless of which direction you’re traveling or even if you’re traveling on a multi-lane highway, it’s illegal to pass a stopped school bus. ALL vehicles are required to come to a complete stop.

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