(Taylor King Law) – You know spring is on its way when you begin seeing more cyclists on the road…which we’re seeing a lot of in the Natural State.

It’s important we all remember that while bikes aren’t considered vehicles in Arkansas, they are permitted to use any roadway, aside from interstates, just as a vehicle would.

If you’re a cyclist that means you have to use the right side of the roadway and you have to use hand signals.

For drivers, it means we need to share the road.

While vehicles are allowed to pass a slower-moving bicycle, Arkansas law requires you give them at least THREE feet of space.

It’s also important for everyone to use extra caution at intersections. Half of all accidents involving a bicycle and a car happen at an intersection.

If you’re involved in an accident while cycling or you have more questions about bicycle laws in the state of Arkansas, give us a call at 1.800.CAR.WRECK or visit us online.

We’ll be on your side – by your side.