(Taylor King Law) – In 2017 Arkansas passed a statute known as Paul’s Law making it illegal to text and drive.

Most Arkansans are familiar with the state’s restriction on texting and driving, but there may be a few laws you’re less familiar with.

For example, texting includes anything on your phone that involves typing, reading, or posting, meaning it’s illegal to use social media, email, or browsers.

You can still use your phone in case of an emergency.

Anyone under 18 is prohibited from making voice calls while driving in Arkansas.

And anyone between 18 and 21 is only permitted to make voice calls if using a Bluetooth device.

If you’re over 21, you’re allowed to make voice calls.

However, if you’re driving through a school or construction zone you can only do so with a hands-free Bluetooth device.

Nearly 10% of all fatal car crashes involve a distracted driver. Put your phone down. It’s dangerous and it’s the law in Arkansas.

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