(Taylor King Law) – Most people don’t think about how dangerous operating an ATV can be, particularly for children.

First, there’s no age limit for operating an ATV or UTV in Arkansas. And most restrictions are lifted once a child turns 12.

While ATVs can be enjoyed by kids, they can also be dangerous. 35% of fatal ATV accidents involve children under 17.

For years Arkansas had the highest ATV-related death rate for children 17 and under in America. During that same stretch, an average of two kids per week visited Arkansas Children’s Hospital for ATV-related injuries.

To help prevent an accident, take the necessary time to educate your children before operating an ATV. Arkansas’ 4H offers safety education courses that are available online.

Always supervise children under 16. Avoid passengers. Don’t ride at night. Stay off public roads.

And be sure children always wear proper safety gear.

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