If you’re not using video to advertise your business, you’re missing out on attracting potential customers.

Since a lot of people prefer watching videos over reading copy, it’s a wise business decision to understand the ins and outs of videos to advertise your business.

Potential customers can watch videos everywhere (over various devices) and you want them to watch yours whenever and wherever possible.


  • Through browsers via programmatic pre-rolls (in-stream video ads that play before a user’s selected video). They are typically 15 or 30 seconds long and are great for leveraging the power of video with audience targeting technology.
  • Via in-banner advertising.
  • On apps via mobile devices and tablets.

TIP: How to use the power of video advertising effectively. If your business has an event or specials coming up, spread the word about it with a video!


CTV/OTT offers a variety of delivery paths to reach cord-cutters within and adjacent to quality streaming programming in large or small screen environments.

OTT (Over-the-top) ads are video commercials that are delivered to desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, tablets, and smart TVs. These ads play before, during, and after premium video content, such as shows and movies, while viewed over an internet connection.

CTV (Connected TV) advertisements, a form of OTT, are 15 or 30-second video commercials that are served on TV-sized devices and are viewed over an internet connection while people are watching premium content, such as shows and movies.

Don’t miss out on testing the advertising waters with videos!

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