The ever-expanding options for advertising continue to change the way businesses reach potential customers. One of these options is YouTube, where it’s possible to reach millions of people.

What is YouTube?
It’s a free video-sharing website where you can find millions of videos made by individuals all around the world. It’s a place where anyone can create a channel and upload their own videos for everyone else to see.

Before those videos play (and sometimes more often in longer videos), advertising videos will appear. This is where the opportunity exists for businesses to make a connection with potential customers.

How many people are watching YouTube videos?
In the 16 years since YouTube was born, it’s become one of the most popular websites, with recent analysis showing about 6 billion hours of videos are watched each month. YouTube also offers live TV streaming service for a monthly fee.

Placing ads on YouTube can help businesses connect with people who are interested in what they have to offer. From sports fans to fashionistas, and everyone in between, people come to YouTube to search for specific content.

With Find My Audience, it’s easy to get a deeper understanding of your most valuable customers – their interests, their habits, and what they’re planning to purchase. It is imperative that you build your branding message with the offer during the first 5 seconds of the your video ad to ensure the consumer clearly understands your message and increases engagement.

EXAMPLE: A local coffee shop makes a series of video ads called, “Share a Cup of Kindness,” highlighting customers who pay-it-forward and buy coffee for the next customer in line. The video immediately shows this business and its branding in the first five seconds and if the whole video is seen, then the user experiences an ethos-based branding message.

Don’t miss out on testing the advertising waters on YouTube!

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