Recruiting with Otis Kirk: Updates on Starkel Visit & Coach Ingram’s Strong Ties to Memphis


Fayetteville, AR-

 Back on the Pig Trail with our recruiting insider Otis Kirk and Otis this stable of quarterbacks that Chad Morris is trying to set up, talking about Nick Starkel
a grad transfer who is considering Arkansas, will visit March 1-3, what about Starkel?
Otis Kirk
My sources indicate that you know he’s trying to visit Florida State later in the month you know but 
my sources are telling me he could commit to Arkansas that weekend. 
And we’ll see how that goes if he were to do that and cancel other visits, but obviously Arkansas getting first chance at him and 
giving Arkansas a good look is something that appeals to him. I think that Florida State has a good quarterback situation you know they’ve had some leave 
and stuff, but Arkansas has, as well. 
I think he’ll watch the spring practices and that second day on the 2nd he’ll watch the practice slash scrimmage and he’s more of a pro style qb. People have asked me does he run the ball. No, his yardage was negative at A&M, and rushed for one TD in two seasons with the Aggies, so he’s not a running qb but he can throw it.
The biggest, 
game that is, that comes to mind was the Belk Bowl in 2017 against Wake Forest. 499 Yards, 4 Touchdowns and an interception, and that was Chief, John Chavis’ last game before coming to Arkansas so I’m sure Cooper and Chavis put in some good words, and I’m hearing there’s a chance, 
there’s a possibility that  he could commit. And really that’s the way it is with most recruits, and some can fall in love and love it and commit on the spot. I think
there’s a little bit more there with him and  we’ll see how it plays out, but regardless, I think Arkansas has a very good chance there.
Kenny Ingram will join the staff to coach defensive tackles and this is a great situation in terms of his recruiting ties and
his connections, especially in Memphis.
Chad Morris is handling this as part of the in-state and Ingram played at Whitehaven, coached at Melrose and he has strong connections
to all of those so this is a recruiting hire. I’m not saying Kenny can’t coach but this is more about recruiting, it’s a combination.
It is, you’ve got, just on the prospect day at Arkansas March 9th, Bryson Eason and Martavius French, 4 star linebackers where he played, coming in
and how impressive is it to have someone that they know and the kids know and the people that are with them are familiar with Kenny so  this has the chance to be a great hire in the sense, that, if you want to commit to Memphis the same way that Tulsa and Arkansas has that familiarity, not just that area, but the coaches, in that area, it’s big. Gonna be good in recruiting.
Chad Morris and staff on that recruiting train working hard, have already gotten a commitment from Ze’Vian Capers, six four receiver, Otis we appreciate
your time, back with more on the Pig Trail after this.

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