Morris Updates Recruiting After 8 Commits in a Week


While Chad Morris can’t comment on specific recruits, he did talk about what is contributing to the overall success the Razorbacks are having at this time.

Arkansas has 15 commitments and will add to that total this week. On Monday at the Paradise Valley Athletic Club, Morris and his staff were there to meet with the media in addition to a golfing event.

Morris was asked what his staff is doing that seems to be leading to a lot of recruiting success?

“It’s all about getting them on campus,” Morris said. “That’s it. When you get them on campus, we’ve got a great product to sell. My goodness, from all the things there are happening on campus right now. The updates, the renovations, the town, It’s absolutely gorgeous, so we’ve got a lot to sell.

“We’ve got to continue to build and put a product on the field that’ll add to that, and we will. But our staff is doing a fabulous job. I’m really proud of these guys. Everybody’s hitting the ground running with that. They understand if we can just get them on campus, we’ve got a chance. And be who we are and show what we’re about. And why the University of Arkansas fits them.”

Morris also added that getting them on campus allows the staff to do even more evaluating that simply can’t be done off just watching film.

“And getting guys on campus, sometimes you realize, ‘OK, that was great. I’m glad I got him on campus, but he doesn’t fit what we’re about. So let’s just move in another direction,'” Morris said.

The Razorbacks had several Prospect Days following National Signing Day. Then spring practices allowed them to have visitors on campus. The Hogs hosted summer football camps and then the Woo Pignic this past Friday. They also have hosted official visitors to campus during the spring and summer.

“That’s all about the functions that we have,” Morris said. “I’ve just been very pleased with the direction where we’re at.”

At this time, the Hogs have one quarterback, three wide receivers, two offensive linemen, six defensive linemen, two linebackers, a cornerback and a safety committed. Morris talked about certain needs in a class.

“I know there’s areas we have to build on,” Morris said. “I’ve talked a little bit about how I feel like you have to build a football team and sustain success. And it’s in that offensive and defensive line first and foremost. And then speed.”

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