Meet long jump gold medalist Jeff Henderson


It was a night Jeff Henderson will never forget. On his final jump of the 2016 Olympic Long Jump competition, he landed in gold.

A day later Jeff is starting a media tour around the International Broadcast Center. He says it’s a dream come true. “It feels like no other feeling. And I did it with the American Flag on my back.”

Over the next few days, Jeff will continue to talk about his performance, but his pride right now is simply beaming, especially when he remembers a promise he made to his mom, who’s in a hospital bed in the final stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.

“It feels good, it feels great to know that I went home and said ‘I’m going to get my gold medal, I’m coming back with it. I was going to do that no matter what it took and I did that. I’m going home with a gold medal.”

A mother’s love half a world away.

 “She’s fighting to stay alive, so that’s my motivation.”

Maybe just enough to help Jeff Henderson fly past the tough times and the short jumps to the ones that are more golden.

“My mom is my golden star. She’s pushing me on everything I do.”

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