McPherson on Hoops: National JUCO Player of the Week McNeil on Arkansas’ Radar


Fayetteville, AR-

Drew Amman: “Hey back on the show with Kevin McPherson our hoops insider as we talk more about Razorback Basketball. Kevin I want to go back to Saturday’s game. A special day obviously for Arkansas Basketball. Historically when you look at it just a great way to revisit those guys from the ’94 team. But specifically what did you think about the basketball game yesterday. The gameplan, execution by Arkansas offensively and defensively. When you look at it, Arkansas helped out by some strong shooting.”

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah I think the key to the shooting was great ball movement. They came out early with crisp ball movement. That makes the defense have to work harder and move. Then when they get out of position guys were able to drive. I thought Arkansas took advantage of having bigger guards than Ole Miss. Ole Miss’ guards are good but they are quick and smallish. Arkansas was able to get penetration, They were able to pass to their bigs who were able to finish around the basket. Obviously Mason Jones had a great shooting night. Made six three-pointers with 22 points. But I thought Jalen Harris he has really struggled especially with his shot. 3-4 from the field. He didn’t take any of those wide open threes. He drove the ball. Made the biggest shot of the night the kiss of the window at the high window for the game winner. But I thought Arkansas’ ball movement and attacking Ole Miss off the bounce. They had 20 assists on 27 made field goals. That is close to a 75 percent ratio there. You are going to win most nights that you do that. I thought defensively Arkansas did a great job. If you look at Ole Miss’ 53 percent from the field it is a little misleading. Ole Miss was one of the best three point shooting teams coming in, only 6 of 22. I thought Arkansas with bigger guards did a good job of running those guys off the three line and making them score in the mid-range. Ole Miss did some of that but you would rather give up two than three. So I thought on both ends Arkansas executed and played well. Really Jalen Harris, 10 points, 9 assists only 1 turnover in 28 minutes. It was a big night for him. His dad was in the crowd and got to see him all the way from North Carolina. So that was good for Jalen Harris to finish the game like that.”

Drew Amman: “Yeah I was impressed collectively you know this was an Arkansas team that lost by 17 earlier in the season in Oxford. Let’s switch to recruiting and Sean McNeil because he is a juco wing. I know Arkansas really wants to shore things up at that position in terms of some depth moving forward.”

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah associate head coach Melvin Watkins saw him recently. He got a scholarship offer from Arkansas. He is on the division 2 level in juco at Sinclair College in Ohio. But had a 55 point game recently. Was named the national juco player of the week a few days ago. He is a guy that puts up big numbers and Arkansas is looking to get older with some bigger guards and guys who can score the basketball. So he’s one of the guys on their radar.”

Drew Amman: “Alright Jalon Pipkins is this the second time Arkansas has had a chance to see this kid?”

Kevin McPherson: “That is right. TJ Cleveland saw him earlier in February got out on Wednesday to see him again. He had 22 points. But another big guard on the juco level. 6-4 guy. He can rebound and get assists. You know he can go out and get you 20 points. I think he is averaging 21, 22 points a game. That is the second time that Cleveland has been out to see him.”

Drew Amman: “Okay a couple of more guys on the Arkansas radar. We will begin with Frenchy Nadolny what about him?”

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah Clarence “Frenchy” Nadolny. He is at the Scotland Campus Hoops up in Pennsylvania Melvin Watkins also went out and saw him this past week for the second time. That was on Thursday night. Arkansas has offered him. He is a 6-3, 6-4 combo guard. Can get to the rim. Can distribute the basketball. Just a really talented versatile back court player. A lot of high major offers.”

Drew Amman: “Yeah absolutely. 20 to close here on Jalyn McCreary. This is also a guy on Arkansas’ radar. What is the level of interest there?”

Kevin McPherson: “You know Arkansas has been talking to him for a while. 6-8 forward down at the Legacy Early College High School in South Carolina. He is from the Atlanta area. TJ Cleveland has been out to see him play. Cleveland was in touch with he and his mom this past week. Arkansas is still interested. He has offers from Xavier and DePaul out of the Big East. A couple of mid-major offers from Charlotte and South Florida. But he is still I think Arkansas might be back out there to see him play soon. A guy that is definitely interested in Arkansas.”

Drew Amman: “Alright Kevin McPherson good stuff as always. He is our Hoops Insider. You can see his stuff on Catching up with Payton Chadwick, well we are away from the track. You don’t want to miss this story from Alyssa Orange next.”

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