DALLAS — Today, January 8 Jerry Jones introduces Mike McCarthy and explains why he’s the man for the job.

Our very own Nick Walters is here discussing a franchise altering move and showing stand-out moments from the presser.

It’s a week of change for the Cowboys. A stretch of time that is perhaps the team’s most consequential in a decade. One that will certainly have strong ramifications for the organization.

A parting of ways swiftly followed by a changing of guard.

The 10 season Jason Garrett era came to a close on Sunday. Soon after, one of the shortest head coaching searches the NFL has ever seen. A hire reported Monday and made official Tuesday, that former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is the Cowboy’s next head coach.

Jerry Jones rolled out the red carpet at the star today and introduced the coach as a Cowboy for the first time.

First order of business… Why McCarthy? And secondly.. meeting Dallas, level expectations.

“But to have his availability and to have his track record and ability to check off all the boxes, I just talked about was fortuitous for this franchise. Nobody’s got a better attendance figure for going to coaching meetings. Nobody’s been to more senior bowls. So much more went to why he’s sitting here at the table today. So I want to introduce you to the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys… Mike McCarthy,” said Jones.

“Expectations, we’ll get into that once we get going, but it’s the Dallas Cowboys. You don’t need to go further than that. Obviously the tradition and history here are so unique. It’s an iconic franchise. The opportunity to get in the room and talk structure, culture, and all the things we feel like what we need to do to win that super bowl,” said Mike McCarthy.

Leading the iconic franchise will demand decision making and soon. Retaining or adding coaches to staff, resigning Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper, prepping for the teams 17 overall pick in the draft.

So the work gearing up for 2020 has only begun, but after a disappointing season, the Cowboys have not only a new head coach, but a breathe of fresh air.

See Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy talk a future Cowboys’ Super Bowl win below.