Hog Recruiting: Weekend Recap, Plus the Razorbacks Are Set to Host Linebacker Target Chris Russell


Fayetteville, AR-

What are the chances Arkansas will land Linebacker Chris Russell? Find out in this report

from Otis Kirk.  Here is the transcription from our sit-down interview with our recruiting insider:

Drew Amman
What’s up? We’re back on the Pig Trail with our Recruiting Insider Otis Kirk and Otis a big recruiting weekend
for the Hogs. Seven official visitors in, four from Arkansas.
Let’s start with Hudson Henry and Treylon Burks because
those two are rated as the top two out of Arkansas.
Otis Kirk
Those are two that could really come in and make
an impact on Arkansas, both committed, set to sign
Feb. 6th. Hudson one of the three tight ends on the team
next season and Burks one of four wideouts in this class,
That’s two of the best to come out of Arkansas in the same class
and two nationally ranked guys that rank with anyone
in the country and you know Hudson is one where
everyone likes to compare him to Hunter but it’s not really fair and you know it’s ’cause Hunter is in the NFL
and a Mackey Award-Winner, and that’s gonna take
care of itself, ’cause if he stays healthy he could
accomplish what Hunter did. Then Treylon once he
gets back from that knee surgery and rehabs, I think he could be the best receiver in this class.
Marcus Miller we’ll go one by one in the trenches, a d-lineman, Hogs have a lot of them, but it is nice to see competition brewing there and Miller is a special kid.
He is, 6-5 310, chose the Hogs over Mizzou Tennessee
and a few other schools.
He is a kid who like Treylon rehabbed from injury, did it though as a junior, and he is like, hey work hard,
everything will work out.
Ricky Stromberg on the o-line, how quickly could he help
Talked to him this morning, asked him about that and he
hasn’t really talked about that with Dustin Fry but I think
he can do it quickly because he is good fundamentally
and that’s what you get from Tulsa Union. It is a good school.
John David White, wide receiver Pulaski Academy looks good on tape, this guy can make some things
I saw him play live twice this year Drew, actually it was his
first game and last, he has the speed, gonna come down
to UCA and Arkansas, John David White if you haven’t seen him play think of Drew Morgan, that is
his idol.
If you build something around Finnegan Corwin
what are looking to do?
He’s a competitor, has to be, one of ten in his family, a lot like John David, very versatile.
Back to defense, Hudson Clark, thoughts there?
His parents went to Arkansas,
it’s gonna be SMU or Arkansas for him, it looks like.
They had a kicker in from Oklahoma, your take?
Noah Rauschenberg he is gonna take a look and decide
the week of signing day, just talked to him Friday, Arkansas
has offered him a preferred walk-on.
Chris Russell coming in, a linebacker, thoughts on him
and how he could help Arkansas.
I think they’d like Russell and Lakia Henry to go with the kid they signed early, Zach Zimos. But I don’t know if they can get Henry because he really likes Tennessee. He is going to take a look at Arkansas next weekend.
Jalen Catalon has committed to Arkansas, and this is great, you get the Mansfield Legacy Trio, Catalon a safety one of the premier players in the nation at that position and
also could play baseball for Arkansas. Getting so much
in terms of the package for Arkansas.
Mark Smith knocked it out of the park there, gets Jackson, then Carter then Catalon all of whom visited
for the Bama Game.
Finally Prospect Day coming up on Saturday.
It’ll be 2020 21 and 22 and it’ll be the first Prospect Day
for this staff under Chad Morris.  They’re not messing around with this until after signing day. Doing it now, getting a headstart as opposed to last year where they came in late and had to somehow put together a class.
One thing they can do this year with 29 commitments is that they can look ahead to things, which is the big thing,
Great stuff from Otis working nonstop on Hogville, our Recruiting Insider,
back with more after this.

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