While Blaine Knight has become a star in Fayetteville, it’s Bryant, Arkansas, a city 200 miles south, that Knight calls home. 

“That’s the only place I’ve ever grown up at,” Knight told the Pig Trail Nation. “All my friends all my other parents that took care of me when I was a kid, traveling playing ball and stuff, they all live there and I mean it’s home to me, it’s baseball, it’s what I’ve always known. It’s what I’ve always done.”

Blaine is the oldest of two sons to Blake and Karen Knight. According to his mom, he wasn’t always the quiet guy Razorback fans see on Friday nights.

“When he was little, he never met a stranger,” said Karen. “Like in Walmart we’d worry about him. He would introduce himself and say his full name. But he doesn’t like talking in front of big crowds. But he does love kids, he loves to work with him, kinda coach em and it’s fun to see him after a game, go over to the wall and sign the balls and the hats and the whatever the kids have. And he always loves it and that’s not a put on, he really does.”

Religion is just as, if not more, important to Blaine as the game of baseball. And that comes from his upbringing.

“My dad’s a pastor, my brother’s a pastor, I’m ordained, my uncle’s a pastor (laughs),” said Knight’s father, Blake. “So it’s always been rich in our blood for a long long time. I knew at a young age that God has blessed him, but we’ve always tried to make Blaine understand that it is because of that, that’s where he’s at and that’s where his talent comes from.”

“God, he created us all for a reason,” said Blaine. “So, I kinda owe it back to him for creating me and making me who I was. I see fit to owe it to him everyday, whether I’m playing, I’m walking down the street, driving down the road. It’s whatever. You kinda owe it to him and you gotta thank him for making you are.”

No matter what happens on the field, Knight is a role model to one of his biggest fans, his younger brother Braden.

“He’s one of the most godly people that I know,” Braden said of his brother. “If you ever need a person to talk to, he would always be there and if you ever need some tips on hunting or fishing he’ll always be the first to help you out. And he’s just a good guy all around, he’ll give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.” 

When Knight takes the mound in the uniform he grew up dreaming of wearing. He has one giant motivating factor.

“You know, make my family proud, make this state proud and make my hometown proud,” Knight beamed. “That’s what I’m trying to do. I’ve got the most support that I can get from this state because I’m from here.”