Rakeem Boyd and younger brother Rashad are both competing for the Razorbacks. One on the football field and one on the track. 

“I was in JUCO at the time when I heard he was coming here, so I was like ‘man you know we are going to be up there together’ so, you know, I thought it was going to be a great idea.” says Rakeem Boyd.

From the time they were little, sports has always been a part of their lives.

“My mom got him into track, and he ended up beating me out and being faster than me, So I was like alright, that’s not my sport. I am going to go play football where I’m good at.” adds Boyd. 

And with a mom who ran track at UCLA, it was all about being the best. 

“When I say she did not play, when you was hurt she would say, no pain no gain,” says Rashad, “there was no excuses, you had to get it.”

“She wouldnt allow us to be second,” adds Rakeem, “So if you come home with second, you know, just go straight to your room.”

Now both on the hill, they’ve taken that competitive edge to the SEC. 

“He motivates me to do better since he is in the SEC, and he is in a hard conference for football also. So to see him out there doing his thing, it just makes me want to do my thing also.” 

In their first year, Rakeem led the Hogs in rushing yards in 2018, now Rashad is will compete for a national title in Austin. 

“It’s just great because I didn’t count myself out. God had the last word, and we made it to Nationals and I’m very excited for Nationals.” adds Rashad. 

The Boyd brothers have a few more years to shape their legacy at Arkansas, but when you ask them what they’d like it to be…

“I just want someone to say man, those dudes, you know. I’m just really trying to make it to the top, you know what I mean, we want to make it out of our environment. We didn’t have it when we were younger, so we are trying to go get it for our family.”