Navigating the Winter Games is no doubt a huge task for most fans but our Aaron Nolan found one guy who is taking to the web, giving tips he hopes will make a difference for anyone who wants to visit the Olympics.

An Olympic trip comes with all kinds of planning. But outside of travel and lodging, there’s also ticketing, shopping, eating and places you have to make time for.

[WATCH: Super blogger giving Olympic tips]

There’s an American in PyeongChang who’s looking to make the experience for thousands of fans not only easier, but a whole lot better.

Ken Hanscom is a self-proclaimed Olympic super fan whose passion began with a trip to England.

“We had dreamed of going for a long time, and just on a whim we said 45 days before London we were going to go,” he says.

After that, he was hooked on the rings. In Rio for the last Summer Games, Ken had an idea.

“A lot of people find it very challenging to go to the Olympics, like, ‘Oh, it’s this really hard thing to do,’ and that’s why I share a lot of the knowledge I do is, because with just a little bit of knowledge, it’s very easy to make a trip to the Olympics,” Ken continues.

His prep work for South Korea started six months before the opening ceremony, on both his blog and social media accounts, and that hard work has paid off.

“My numbers are better than I ever expected them to be,” he says.

In fact, he’s even getting recognized around PyeongChang.

“I read your blog about how to pack or what are the transit times, or what are the hospitality houses, or the souvenirs to buy, so that’s been pretty tremendous,” he explains.

But for Ken, this isn’t about the fanfare for him. It’s about the fan fun for you.

“The fact that it makes people’s Olympic experience better, that’s what the payoff is for me,” Ken says.

The Today Show’s Natalie Morales recently joined Ken in the fan store. His must-have items; the curling pillow and coffee mugs.