Billions of dollars, thousands of athletes, and hundreds of medals – all things that go into the Olympics to make the Games great.

Countries will spend billions of dollars to host the Olympics, and a large portion of that money goes into upgrading and constructing the needed venues.

The Barra Zone, the biggest of the four Olympic zones sees the most events in its various venues — swimming, tennis, gymnastics, handball and golf in its various venues.

Despite the negative responses from viewers and athletes surrounding the green diving and polo pool last week, some Olympians have higher praise for other venues.

The Maracana zone is where track and field is held— it’s also the site of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

“They clearly did a good job. I wasn’t here for the opening. I saw a couple of the clips and photos. But they did a tremendous job,” said track and field Olympian Sekou Kaba

The other zones include Copacabana, the site of beach volleyball, and Deodoro, which hosts field hockey, BMX and equestrian events.

“This venue has exceeded my expectations. Having gone to the Pan American Games twice now, and here, this is by far the best village I’ve been in, the best equestrian facility I’ve ridden at,” Equestrian Olympian Lauren Billys said of Deodoro.

In Rio, there are 34 venues holding Olympic events, and 18 of the Olympic venues were already in place, though several needed some improvements.

Nine are brand-new, and seven are temporary — they will be removed after the Games.