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Summer is coming and America loves summer like it loves its those summer holidays, summer activities such as swimming, and summer food like hot dogs. Sock It 4Ward is combining hot dogs and swimming this week before Memorial Day to benefit the Ken Brindley Memorial Foundation in this Sock It 4Ward sponsored by the Red River Auto Group.

All May, Sock It 4Ward is going for the Ken Brindley Memorial Foundation. While vacationing with his family in 2003, Ken Brindley rescued a boy and his father from rip current on a Florida Beach. The boy survived, but the father did not. Two days after the rescue ,while in ICU, Ken lost his life to drowning too. Today, Ken’s family carries on his give-all legacy with the Ken Brindley Memorial Foundation which has as its mission to increase swimming safety awareness by providing life jackets to water activity destinations and by providing swimming lessons to children across the state. Click here to start bidding.

So, before you fire up the grill to cook some hot dogs, be sure to bid on my Hot Dog socks. By doing so you will help save lives from drowning through the effort of Ken Brindley’s family and their foundation in his name.

Bidding will run from 6 AM, Tuesday, May 25 to 6 AM, Friday, May 28. Bidding starts at $10. You can skip the bidding by using the “Buy Now” option for $150. Because of the sponsorship from the Red River Auto Group. The selling price will be matched. This doubles the money raised for the Ken Brindley Memorial Foundation.

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