FRISCO, Tex. — Dallas played tough in a Sunday night showdown that came down to the wire against in-state rival Houston.  However, the effort wasn’t enough to get the job done.

Ka’imi Fairbairn kicked a 36-yard field goal in overtime to lift the Texans to a 19-16 win.

That means Dallas has a 2-3 record.  Lucky for them, no one in the NFC East has a winning record — which means the playoffs are still well within reach.

Although they played one of the toughest defenses in the NFL, offensive production has to be a concern as Dallas prepares to host the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. And that means it’s time to ask Cowboys insider Mickey Spagnola the tough questions about where the team goes from here!

Today at 3 p.m. Central, Spagnola will be live on the Silver Star Nation section of the website to take your questions about Sunday’s game — and also what to expect this week.

If you have a question for Mickey, be sure to tweet it using the hashtag #AskMickey on Twitter. Mickey might just tackle your topic during today’s 15-minute live broadcast.