Summertime means play time! When it comes to outdoor activities, Arkansas is a land of opportunity—but it’s important to remember to lookout for other players.

  • Driving to your destination? Watch out for cyclists and pedestrians! They’re here to have fun, too and they’re defenseless against vehicles. Help us keep them safe.
  • Cycling an amazing route? Chances are part of it is shares a roadway with motorists, so be visible and ride alert. Always ride with traffic and obey all traffic laws.
  • Enjoying the scenery on foot? Walk against traffic, use the crosswalk when available, and be present; your safety is worth it.

Everyone deserves to use the roadway, and everyone deserves to do so safely. That’s why the Arkansas Department of Transportation teamed up with the Arkansas State Police Highway Safety Office to remind all road-users to SAFELY SHARE THE ROAD!

Visit Arkansas’ Share the Road webpage at

Now, get out there and have some fun!