WYNNE, Ark. –  With the people of Wynne trying to pick up the pieces following Friday’s Tornado, families of those who lost loved ones are sharing how property can be replaced but lives cannot.

The city’s officials have said four victims died due to the twister. Although they have not released the names, The family of 21-year-old Aryana Williams confirms she and her boyfriend 22-year-old DeeAngelo Morrow were two of the victims. They say Morrow tried to protect Williams, an act of heroism they won’t forget.

Branden Williams is the father to Aryana; he says he cannot believe his daughter is gone.

“This is a lot to bare,” Williams said. 

Williams says a large tree uprooted from the ground, crushing the house (Aryana’s mother’s) with the couple inside.

“Her sister called me and said that the tree had fell on the house.” Williams goes on to say, “I can only imagine what my baby and her boyfriend was going through at that moment.”
 He says their bodies were later found in the rubble.

“That cut-out is where she was at because they had to remove it to find her,” Williams said.

Williams says Morrow died acting as a shield for his daughter. As for Morrow’s father, Angelo Morrow he said, “His son was a great young man.”

“I know Dee loved her,” Williams added, “to know in her last moments he was being selfless and making sure she was okay. I love him even more.”

Williams says he hopes her memory never fades and that when people remember her, they think of one thing.

“Her smile, that’s the last thing I want people to think of her,” Williams said.

Williams says he wants to thank the community for their support and love of the couple.

Aryana Williams’ funeral is set for this Saturday.