NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An Arkansas woman who volunteered with clean-up efforts in North Little Rock is now searching for the owner of a special memory found in the rubble.

“The picture, it being black and white. The way the card or postcard was made just seemed to be like it was from the 50s maybe,” volunteer Mary Rieck said.

In Rieck’s hand is a photo of two young children, a Christmas card originally sent decades ago. She found it while cleaning up debris on Perrin Road.

She believes the photo traveled through the storms’ winds ending up in a place far from home.

“For me, it would definitely be something that I would cherish and hopefully the owner feels the same,” Rieck said.

Since finding the photo, Rieck has been trying to locate the owner without any luck. She said she won’t give up, knowing the photo may be important to someone.

“You can’t just replace these memories,” Rieck said. “These things have happened, and time has moved on so to be able to have things on hand is very important and to be able to pass them down within the family, to me is very important as well.”

If you recognize the people in the photo or know who owns it, call KARK 4 News/FOX 16 News.