LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – In any tragedy, one experiences devastation and loss, but when it comes to Arkansans, we all come together to love and support one another, as we try to pick up the pieces.

From one of the remaining walls of a west Little Rock home, a window into the shattered remnants of what’s left of the neighborhood.

“I don’t know if catastrophic is even the right word, it’s…it’s gone,” Jeff Hood, whose house was damaged by a tornado, said.

Jeff Hood said the damage goes beyond what you can see.

“Certainly, there is physical damage, but again this is a neighborhood and community that is no more,” Hood said.

He described his emotions when he looks at the devastation.

“I think in one word, it’s goodbye. ultimately every time I look out there, I have to say goodbye to my neighbors to the neighborhood, really in a lot of ways goodbye to the innocence of our children when it comes to weather,” Hood stated.

When it comes to the clean-up efforts, he said there is only so much that can be salvaged.

“It’s horrible, I’m doing the best I can to save what we can, but the sheetrock is going to continue to fall, the house is going to continue to leak and unfortunately there will come a time where I will just have to give up,” said Hood.

Hood said he is thankful that when he gets to those low points, there have been so many people in the community who have supported their family.