WHITE COUNTY, Ark. – White County officials are stepping up their game when it comes to emergency assistance for residents.

The county has a new Emergency Alert System, called White County Alerts, through the program CodeRED Officials are hoping this will modernize their communication efforts.

White County Emergency Management Director Tyler Mize said this will provide a central line of communication in the county.

“Anything that’s going to present an imminent threat to our citizens – whether that be a weather emergency, a burn ban, active fires, law enforcement notifications – a variation of emergencies that could constitute a notification,” Mize said.

Before the CodeRED Alert System, Mize said they were using a variety of ways to communicate with people in the area.

“It is improving communication with the citizens, which in turn improves response time and preparedness for the citizens in emergency situations,” Mize said.

Alerts can come through a text, call, or email and be sent to specific locations.

“We can do the entire county, just city limits of the specific city or a geographical area,” Mize said.

The system also works in conjunction with surrounding counties. Mize said this was a collaborative effort with different agencies in the county to bring White County up to date with other areas and keep people safe.

“This is just one of the many steps we’re taking to bring modern efficiency to White County for the better service of our community, our citizens, and our responders,” Mize said.

Enrollment for the alert system has already begun. Notifications from the system will begin on Oct. 1.

Officials are asking for people to enter their home address when they enroll, to better ensure people receive the notifications when they’re sent out to specific locations.