LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Even in the face of a devastating storm, a home can often provide protection when you know where to go.

As the tornado was rolling through this part of West Little Rock, we were reminding people at home to get to the lowest floor, away from windows.

Why do we say lowest floor and away from windows?

You can see the only exterior walls were left standing, but you want to get away from those walls because you want to be protected from penetrating flying debris.

And if the person who lives here had been home, she would have sought shelter here, in a bathroom that was left untouched.

“I’m lucky my friends were there for me. That was all very good,” Little Rock resident Bailey McCreary said.

If you were upstairs, you would have been looking up into the tornado, so you want to cover up, even use a helmet to avoid trauma from any flying debris.