LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Neighborhoods in West Little Rock experienced a microburst Wednesday causing widespread power outages, and extensive damage in some area. Now, three days later, the cleanup efforts continue.

David Greaves was picking up limbs left over from the storm today.

“We are extremely lucky,” Greaves said.

In the ​Treasure Hill neighborhood, Greaves came outside to a yard filled with limbs after the storm, but none causing damage to his home, however, his rental property across the street had an oak tree come down just feet from the back deck.  

“The guy that lives back there, we were talking like gosh I guess we have to clean this all back up,” Greaves said.

Greaves and his wife spent the last few days helping their neighbors with damage to their houses as he says that have it much worse than he does. Now, they’re cleaning up debris after electric companies cut trees to work to restore power.

“I’m really thankful they came back and got the power back on,” Greaves said.

Greaves says it’s comforting to watch the community come together in moment like these. 

“Tragedies seem to bring out the best in people, it’s a shame that sometimes that’s what it takes to see the best in us and step forward, but that’s probably when it’s needed the most I suppose,” Greaves said.

 Greaves and his wife say they’re just happy to help a neighbor out when they can.