LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The sound of recovery rang like country music last night. The Hall on Ninth Street held ”To Little Rock, With Love”, a country benefit concert for The Central Arkansas Tornado Relief Fund.

Arkansas-raised musicians Justin Moore, Collin Raye, Matt Stell, Adam Hambrick, Heath Sanders and Tyler Kinch performed to a sold-out, standing-room-only crowd with 100% of the proceeds going to the Central Arkansas Tornado Recovery Fund. $100K was raised in pledged funds according to event organizers.

“The entire state of Arkansas is hurting, so I think when this got put together, love is the perfect way to put it,” Chad Williams said.

Williams heard the tornado pass right behind his house in the Amboy neighborhood.

“Arkansas needs it, and it’s really neat to see these artists come together and put on a show like this,” Williams said.

Raye grew up in Des Arc and Texarkana. He wrote the song “Little Rock”. Traveling back to the Capital City for the concert, he got to see the namesake damaged for the first time.

“Arkansans always come together, and it’s like anyone who has found success in another walk of life or different things when things like this happen, they converge back here to look after their home state,” Raye said.

Some fans like Rachel Mayle traveled from states away. She is a Justin Moore superfan with Wednesday being her 26th concert of his.

“It’s nice to be able to attend a concert and give back to the community. This community was hit hard by the tornadoes, and this just a good way to see country music and give back to the community,” Mayle said.

In addition to musical guests, Mayor Frank Scott Jr. and Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders made appearances thanking the crowd.

“It’s a great way to give back to their communities. I’m sure when they were nobodies out on the street their communities are what got them where they are,” Mayle said. “Without your community support where would you be?”

The event was organized immediately after the organizers saw their cities damaged by a EF-3 tornado March 31.

“It’s cool that they were able to come together and do something like this so quick. Everybody loves country music right, so a concert is a great way, music is a great way,” Williams said. “It’s good therapy right, and so it’s really neat to see this come together and people able to come out and donate to this relief because Arkansas needs it.”

Those wanting to help can still donate to the Central Arkansas Tornado Relief Fund.