NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – In North Little Rock, thousands are still without power Monday after dealing with an evening of hail and strong winds on Sunday evening. 

After the storm hit, more than 100,000 Arkansas customers were reportedly left without electricity. 

North Little Rock Mayor Terry Hartwick said at the height of the power outages, they had over 20,000 people without power, but by Monday afternoon it was 16,000 and by the evening the numbers had dwindled down to 7,500. 

The city credits crews from NLR Electric, Jonesboro, Bentonville for their assistance. 

Mayor Hartwick also said they had 15 broken electrical poles and numerous traffic lights in the city that stopped working. 

“The damage came more like a hurricane than a tornado,” Hartwick said.

Maneuvering down trees on power lines that could create a dangerous situation, Mayor Hartwick says some neighborhoods like Indian Hills will take days to restore. 

“When you have an area where you run the power line along a big storm drain or ditch or lake, that’s the toughest one to get to,” Hartwick said.

Indian Hills homeowner Charlie Rodgers said he has been without power since the storm hit and the strength of the storm took him by shock. 

“It felt every bit like it was a tornado and from there it just started falling down rain and at that point we just lost power,” Rodgers said.

He says he is trying to keep cool by staying outside. 

“Literally, it’s cooler out here right now than it is inside and I’m drinking plenty of water,” Rodgers stated.

Jo Lynn Younts also said she lost power and was hot because of the heat outside. However, Younts says staying inside her house is no longer an option after a tree fell down on it due to the storm. 

“I’m going to go stay with my mom and dad who have no electricity,” Younts said. 

Both Younts and Rodgers say they hope the power turns back on soon. 

The mayor also said they have set up a cooling center at the city’s community center for people without power on Monday. If you need to call, dial 501-761-8541 and to report an outage you can click here.