NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As heavy storms passed through North Little Rock Wednesday afternoon, gusts of wind left damage in their wake.

In the Park Hill neighborhood, trees and branches were knocked over by heavy winds and carried across roadways.

The Rankins had a heavy branch come down in their yard, taking out the fence and shedding debris across their property.

Dan Rankin says the storm seemed to pick up within minutes, traveling down their neighborhood street and blowing, in what he felt were straight lines.

The most dangerous part he said wasn’t the rain or the lightning, but the wind. He says he’s just thankful the damage wasn’t worse.

“Nobody’s hurt, the house is ok,” Rankin said. “So, we’re happy about that.” 

His neighborhood wasn’t the only one hit; signs fell at North Hills Plaza after being blown over by the wind and crashing into the parking lot, and just down the road at McCain Blvd, a large tree blocked traffic while crews worked to clear the roadway.

As crews work to clear major debris from parks and roadways, drivers are encouraged to keep an eye out and go slow when traveling in the dark.