SHERWOOD, Ark. – Many Arkansans that were dealt a heavy blow by the tornadoes on March 31 are still working to recover as the threat of severe weather is expected Thursday and Friday. 

Nearly three weeks since the tornado passed through, many homes like Nancy Clark’s are still left damaged. Clark said she remembers being inside her home when the twister arrived. 

“I heard it coming, the roar was outrageous, and it was right over my head,” Clark said. “Then I heard the big oak tree that’s probably about 200 years old go boom and I thought ‘I am a dead person’.”

Gratefully, Clark said she wasn’t hurt but she does need a new roof. 

“I could hear it picking the shingles off (my roof),” Clark said. 

Clark said she has tarped the areas of her roof that have been damaged, but is feeling nervous that she doesn’t have a new roof with more severe weather on the way.

“I am terrified, but like I say, I am a praying person,” Clark said.  

Debra Richards lives just down the street, the tornado also damaged her roof but she was able to get that fixed, something she wasn’t sure was going to happen ahead of Thursday. 

“Everyone is trying to get roofing done or something done before the storms come tonight,” Richards said. 

Richards also said that although she was able to get a new roof, she still has tarping on the inside of her home since she suffered damages there. 

“We have holes in our living room and in our bathroom,” Richards said. 

Both women said they’re hoping the upcoming weather won’t be as bad as it was on March 31. Richards said the trees around her home still make her nervous that they could fall on her roof if the weather gets too bad. 

“These trees right here are still kind of soft and tall and with the wind blowing it still kind of worries me,” Richards said.