LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – People from all across the state of Arkansas banded together sending resources, food, and providing shelter to those affected by a tornado that ripped through Little Rock Friday.

Homes, churches, and apartments with trees through roofs, some completely leveled, and hundred are left picking up the pieces.

“It’s like a bomb went off,” resident at apartments off Napa Valley Drive, Mark Green said.

It is silence after the storm…as residents off Napa Valley Drive apartments experiences a tornado.

“When it hit, you could literally feel the building shaking, so I just started saying a quick prayer. It didn’t last long, maybe 20-30 seconds and then it went through,” resident at apartments off Napa Valley Drive, Tony said.

“As I was inside, I could hear the trees breaking, hitting the sides of the walls. It felt like the building was going to fall apart,” resident at apartments off Napa Valley Drive, Renato Tapia said.

The EF-3 twister ripped through Little Rock Friday.

Leaving windows shattered, cars damaged, and roofs completely exposed.

“Devastated, I was very sad. All day yesterday I was so drained after this like emotionally mentally. I know I am physically fine which is okay, but emotionally distraught, ” resident at apartments off Napa Valley Drive, Phabian Fernandez said.

When Fernandez walked out of his apartment, all he could see was his car severely damaged.

“I definitely cried. I cried for about 10 minutes because yeah my car was lifted it’s on the curb,” Fernandez stated.

Renato Tapia lives in the same apartment complex as Phabian, and something they both worry about is when electricity will be restored after multiple power lines were down in the middle of the road.

“It’s really sad I have seen a lot of people leaving their apartments yesterday saying they have to go with family to find some kind of hotels because they are out of power some of the roofing has come off and people just don’t feel safe anymore. I have never seen it like this her, just everything is torn apart,” Tapia said.