LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With heads bowed, eyes shut, and hands raised, prayers were lifted inside Immanuel Baptist Church for those whose lives were set back due to mother nature.

Several members of the community and of Immanuel Baptist Church gathered to uplift the state, city leaders, and workers helping to restore the community. 

“God’s good. No matter what the storms bring, he always brings the sunshine too,” a member of Immanuel Baptist Church said. 

But for those who may have lost everything, seeing that sunshine and having hope may be a little difficult as you look at your destroyed homes. 

Immanuel Baptist Church pastor Steven Smith said prayer is so important.

“We believe there is a God.  We believe he hears our prayers and we believe that his means of affecting change is prayer.”

A number of city pastors and leaders spoke words of peace into the mic, including Attorney General Tim Griffin.

His message to the people is to “stay engaged.” Even as the months pass, stay engaged because there is always a positive impact to be had.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. assured those in attendance that we will be stronger and better than ever because we are all on one accord. Uniting, growing and transforming with one love.

As the chief of the capital city, a prayer was said as the mayor was covered and touched by local leaders of Christ.

For those who just can’t seem to find that light, the message that “you are loved” was shared by Attorney General Griffin. 

He said if you don’t believe it, just think about the number of locals and people traveling from afar to help you get back to normal.