LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – There were more than 1,300 customers still left in the dark Friday after the microburst swept through West Little Rock Wednesday afternoon.

The sound of engines fills the air near Napa Valley Drive as electrical companies and crews remove trees.

They are hard at work trying to restore the community back to normal.

“I think because everybody went through the tornado experience that everybody’s response time now is a little sharper,” Kent Layton said, who is still without power.

“It’s been great. Entergy is out here now hopefully getting power soon back to everybody,” Bethany Houk said.

Both Kent Layton and Bethany Houk live down the road from each other, and they said when the microburst hit, trees collapsed onto their homes, and it has been lights out ever since.

Bethany said surprisingly her home has stayed cool during the day, and so has Kent.

When it comes to keeping cellphones charged, “You power up in the morning and hope you can go all day and get one of those extra little powering cells if you’re running low and plug into it,” Layton said.

Kent said every day at the same hour, everybody in the area sits under the shade of a tree that is still standing, and it’s one thing keeping them positive.

“Every afternoon we open a couple of adult beverages and try and pass the time and laugh about what we can laugh about to keep us from crying about being disappointed with what’s happened,” Layton said.