LONOKE COUNTY, Ark – Friday’s storm system stretched past county lines into Lonoke County, destroying homes, and cars and leaving piles of debris to pick up.

Tuesday afternoon, crews were helping clean up in the neighborhood near Red Oak Air Park.

“It ended up, unfortunately, being worse than what everybody thought I think,” Premier Contracting Solutions owner Christopher Perez said.

KARK 4 News spoke with Perez Tuesday as he assessed some of the damage done to one home in the area.

“We’re going to have to add on this entire gable back, build a garage,” Perez said.

Normally, this would be Perez’s first walk-through, but he’s seen this home before.

“We actually got called out here when the pipes froze and we had a flood in this house,” Perez said.

For the last three months, Perez and his team have been working to gut and redo the floorboards. The renovation project was completed just a few weeks ago.

“It kind of makes your stomach drop a little bit knowing that everything you just did you’re going to have to start over again,” Perez said.

A clean slab of concrete, and the job begins again.

Perez said his team will move forward just as they did before, knowing things can always be rebuilt.

“I think everyone needs to step back and thank the Lord that we had as few casualties as we did with the past storm, and they need to be praying for tonight that there’s even less or none,” Perez said.