LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Experiencing mass destruction and devastation from a tornado is something Arkansans said they will never forget.

For one Little Rock woman, it’s like history repeating itself.

Cheryl Avant’s lost her lake house back in 2008 in the Damascus tornado, now she’s using what she learned that time to help others.

“You know it’s overwhelming and very emotional,” Avants said.

Roofs caved in, trees overturned, and devastation in the air, it’s something all to familiar for the Avants family.

“It was a lot of damage. Turns out our house was knocked off its foundation and had to be bulldozed down,” Avants stated.

A similar scene after a deadly tornado ripped through Damascus.

“There were eight houses in our little subdivision that were taken out. my neighbors, nothing was left but the slab. so it was a very strange experience,” Avants said.

An experience she never thought she would be reliving, but Sunday, down the streets of a different city, a nightmare comes to life.

“I think we always have whether you are impacted personally or as a community, I think there is always a little bit of post trauma that you just for a while drive around and look, and don’t know what to do,” Avants said.

Cheryl said the clean-up process immediately took place years ago, which is exactly what she saw this go around.

Although she said the community may never look the same, seeing the love and support from every Arkansan during times like this, gives everyone hope that we will build back stronger.

“Arkansans come out in force when there is devastation like this and the organizations, the churches, and other organizations whose mission is to support folks come out, but then just everyday people come out and help and that’s a wonderful thing,” Avants stated.

Cheryl said since the first tornado, she has given to several organizations that help with tornado relief all across the country.

She said she just continues to help in whatever way she can just like many other Arkansans.