LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Communities across the Little Rock metro continue to work each day to get closer to a full recovery after the March 31 tornado.

Mayor Frank Scott Jr. held a press conference Tuesday afternoon with many updates on the recovery process.

“We still remain in awe of the resilience of the survivors, the resilience of each and every resident whether they were impacted or not,” Scott said.

The mayor said recovery efforts for the city exceeded his expectations and also brought unity to Little Rock where over 3,000 structures were impacted,100 of those completely destroyed.

“In addition to those volunteers and what we able to do to bond together for food and non-perishable items and water and then setting up the assistance from a FEMA perspective, we also received a little over $300,000 in donations,” Scott said.

Community members like Evelyn Schultz said they were also amazed at the response from the city.

“I’ve watched them in awe, picking up these big trees,” Schultz said. “The stumps were cut down in sections and sections of the trees were laid out at the road. I’m very impressed with the workers, the city workers as well as the contractors. they’ve just been magnificent.”

Although the mayor said the road to a full recovery is about two years down the road, the city will do all it can to assist in the days ahead.

“We do want to say thank you to Governor Sanders who will extend an additional three days so we will from April 10th to May 13th,” Scott said. “We’re gonna be removing this debris for the next 60 to 90 days.”

The mayor said the city is no longer accepting donations at the EOC but the public can still donate to the Arkansas Foodbank and Goodwill.